API Standard (requirements)

To list your SMM Panel on SMMWatch.com we require API access to your services. Our service is designed to support different API Standards, most standard SMM Panel software like Perfect Panel or SmartPanel and many others should just work.

1. Post & JSON API

Our monitoring does only send POST requests to your API. GET requests are not supported. All requests contain multiple parameters, your service is not ment to support all of them, but one of the action and one for the API key. It expects all results to be valid JSON.

2. Sent Parameters

We are sending the following parameters with our any of our requests to your API:

sent parameters description
Action actionType, action The requested action, like "balance"
API key key, apiKey, api_token The defined API key

This means a request would look like
POST https://example.com/api/v2?action=balance&actionType=balance&key=1234&apiKey=1234&api_tokens=1234

3. Required Endpoints

We query 2 API endpoints in order to verify and monitor your SMM Panel.

API Action: balance

The balance API is only used to verify your API url & API key. We do not actually care about the balance, we just verify that valid JSON is returned containing a field "balance". Ex. { "balance": "42" }

API Action: services

The services endpoint is where we keep up with what your SMM Panel has to offer. We support a wide range of field names here, most importantly it should be an array of hashes ([ {name: "meh"}, {...} ]). For example the title can be called title or name, the category can also be called "social", rate or price both work, etc. A total list of supported fields is: title, name, social, category, typ, min, min_amount, max, max_amount, rate, price, description, desc.

if you are unsure just check the API docs of any listed panels and see what they are doing.

Assuming your API looks any like this there is a high probability it just works, if you think there is something we could add on our side feel free to contact us at /contact, however we do not plan on building for your API.