FAQ  Frequently Asked Questions

Some things may are not perfectly clear and get asked more often than we would want to. Some (hopfully most) of these questions are getting answered here.

I forgot my login & can't edit my panel anymore!

Maybe you didn't. Our user logins have been only added recently. Just sign up and claim your SMM Panel to get it added to your dashboard. You can claim existing SMM Panels from your panel dashboard. If you already claimed your panel (and it doesn't show up when claiming) contact an admin and ask for removal so you can restart your listing from scratch. Identification may be required.

My SMM Panel got unlisted. Help me!

No. Please login (claim your panel if you haven't) and fix it yourself. The most likely reason your panel got unlisted is that your API key is out of date. If your SMM Panel is unlisted you will find further information on your dashboard.

Can you please update X from my panel?

No. Every information about your SMM Panel (except things you edit yourself) are updated automatically once in a while. Some things update oftener if you have a better subscriptions, and some things can be manually updated from your dashboard. Admins will not update any data for you.

My API is working but it shows errors?

Please make sure it is actually working by creating a new user account and requesting the API manually. Everything like invalid certificate, a non standard API or even Cloudflare blocking requests to your API could be the issue.

What if my API is behind cloudflare?

Either you make an exception for us by whitelisting all requests containing our API key(s) or you whitelist requests to your API alltogether (likely the better option). An API should likely not be behind a captcha at any time, so keep that in mind.