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Anghami is the leading music streaming service in the Middle East, with over 70 million registered users and a library of over 57 million songs. It also offers podcasts and live radio streaming, making it a one-stop-shop for audio entertainment in the region.

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What is Anghami?

Anghami is a popular music streaming website and company headquartered in Beirut, Lebanon. It was founded in 2012 by Eddy Maroun and Elie Habib. The platform offers access to millions of songs in various languages, including Arabic, English, French, and Turkish.

With over 70 million registered users, Anghami is one of the largest music streaming services in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The platform has more than 1 billion streams per month, with an average of 2 hours of listening time per user each day.

Anghami has partnerships with major record labels, including Universal Music Group, Sony Music, and Warner Music Group, giving users access to a wide range of music from popular artists. It also offers a paid subscription service that provides users with additional features, such as ad-free music streaming and offline listening.

Overall, Anghami's success has made it a major player in the music streaming industry in the MENA region, with a loyal user base and a bright future ahead.

How to promote with Anghami?

Anghami is a music streaming platform that has become popular in the Middle East. The platform uses algorithms to analyze user behavior and provide personalized music recommendations. Two key metrics that Anghami uses to measure engagement are Anghami likes and Anghami plays.

Anghami likes are the number of times a user has liked a song or added it to their playlist. Anghami plays are the number of times a user has played a song. These metrics are used to determine the popularity of a song and to recommend similar songs to users.

Marketers can use Anghami to promote their products or services by creating branded playlists or sponsoring playlists created by other users. This allows them to reach a targeted audience and increase brand awareness. Additionally, Anghami offers targeted advertising options based on user behavior and preferences, allowing marketers to reach their ideal audience.