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Discord is a popular communication app designed for gamers, but has expanded to include communities of all interests. As of May 2021, Discord has over 150 million monthly active users and has seen a 50% increase in server creation since the start of the pandemic.

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$ 5.2 Discord ~ Friend Requests ~ 2k/days ~ 0-10min โ– Discord
SMM Panel Since 2010 min 500 / max 5000
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$ 2.19385 Discord Friend Requests [Max 2k] [Non Drop] [2k/day] ๐Ÿ”น Discord
Gosocialboost min 100 / max 2000
$ 2.258 Discord Friend Requests [30k] [1-6 Hours Start] Discord
YoYo Media min 1000 / max 30000
$ 5.2 Discord ~ Friend Requests ~ 2k/days ~ 0-10min โ– Discord
SMM Panel Since 2010 min 500 / max 5000
$ 7.02304 Discord Friend Requests [Non Drop] [5k-10k/day] ๐Ÿ”น Discord
Gosocialboost min 500 / max 5000
$ 9.6777 Discord โ€ Friend Requests (SPAM) | Start: ~1 Hour | Speed: ~2000 Per Day Discord โ€“ Friend Request
SMMRise ๐Ÿ‘‘ (Cheap Panel) min 500 / max 5000
$ 10.1616 Discord - Friend Requests (SPAM) | Start: ~1 Hour | Speed: ~2000 Per Day Discord โ€“ Friend Request
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What is Discord?

Discord is a popular communication platform used by millions of gamers worldwide. Founded in 2015, Discord has quickly become the go-to choice for online gaming communities to connect and communicate with one another. The website/company offers a range of features including voice and text chat, screen sharing, and video calls. With over 140 million registered users, Discord has a daily active user count of around 14 million, making it one of the most widely used communication platforms on the internet today.

The company has raised over $480 million in funding and is currently valued at $7 billion. In addition to its popularity amongst gamers, Discord has also found a following with other communities such as music producers, artists, and even businesses. Its ease of use, range of functionalities, and customizability have made it a favorite amongst users of all ages and interests. As Discord continues to grow, it is poised to remain a leader in the world of online communication.

How to promote with Discord?

Discord is a popular platform for gamers and communities to connect and communicate. The algorithm for Discord members and friend requests is designed to help users find and connect with others who have similar interests. The algorithm uses factors such as mutual friends, server memberships, and activity levels to suggest potential friends and communities to users. This helps users build a network of like-minded individuals who can participate in group chats or gaming sessions.

Many businesses and individuals also use Discord for marketing purposes. Discord offers a unique opportunity to reach a targeted audience with specific interests. By joining relevant communities and engaging with members, businesses can build relationships and promote their products or services. Some businesses even create their own Discord servers to build a community around their brand. Overall, Discord's algorithm and features provide a powerful tool for connecting with others and promoting content.