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Dribbble is a global community where designers can showcase their work, find inspiration, and connect with peers. Founded in 2009, it now boasts over 5 million users and is a popular platform for designers to share their creative process and find new job opportunities.

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What is Dribbble?

Dribbble is a website and online community for designers to showcase their work, discover new talent, and connect with other creatives. Founded in 2009, the platform has become a go-to destination for designers across the globe.

As of 2021, Dribbble boasts over 20 million monthly visitors and hosts a community of over 1 million designers. The platform allows users to showcase their work through shots, which are essentially small previews of their designs. Additionally, Dribbble allows businesses to hire designers through their job board, providing a valuable resource for both designers and employers.

Dribbble has become an essential part of the design industry, providing a platform for designers to showcase their skills and get discovered. The company has also introduced features such as Dribbble Pro and Dribbble Teams to cater to the needs of professional designers and design teams.

How to promote with Dribbble?

Dribbble is a platform for designers to showcase their work, and marketing professionals have found it useful in promoting their brands. The algorithm for Dribbble views, likes, and followers is based on engagement. The more engagement a post receives, the higher it appears in the search results and feeds of other users. This encourages designers to create high-quality content that resonates well with their audience.

People use Dribbble for marketing by creating visually appealing content that showcases their products, services, or brand. They can also use Dribbble to build relationships with their target audience by engaging with them in the comments section of their posts. By using Dribbble effectively, marketing professionals can increase their brand awareness, drive traffic to their website, and generate leads. It's important to note, however, that Dribbble is just one part of a comprehensive marketing strategy and should be used in conjunction with other platforms and tactics.