List your SMM Panel on [ SMM Watch ]

SMM Watch does allow any SMM Panel with a Standard API to be added to its monitoring for free. SMM Watch is visited by thousands of visitors every week looking for cheap, quality & rare SMM Services. This is the perfect customer audience for your SMM Panel.

Best Audience

With thousands of unique visitors every week we are the biggest open SMM Panel list.

Many Customers

Hundreds of users everyday buy SMM Services found trough

Effective Promotion

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How to add your Panel
  1. Sign up or create an account with
  2. Visit your SMM Panels Dashboard
  3. Claim or add a SMM Panel and follow the steps to confirm ownership
Additional Notes

Inactive panels are unlisted. This means if your API key changes or your Panel is offline you may need to come back and update your api key and/or request to sync your services on the dashboard before your panel is visible again!