provides a all-in-one solution to promote your SMM Panel on any budget. Different listing levels contain additional features that make your panel more visible on our platform.

Listing Levels

SMMWatch Listing
Sync API to our Database
API Update Interval *1 10 days 3 days daily twice daily
Automatically push to top *2 daily 6 hours hourly
Panel Uptime Monitoring *3
Downtime & SSL Notifications *4
Custom description & favorites *5
Included in top search results
Included in "Featured Panels" *6
Bright white panel name
Icon next to panel name
$ 0
/ month
$ 19
/ month
$ 49
/ month
$ 89
/ month
Pay yearly and save 25%! ( 10% for 180 days, 5% for 90 days )

Getting featured requires an active SMM Panel listing attached to an SMMWatch user account. Create one if you haven't already. Featured panels are always ordered randomly when listed, so every currently featured panel gets the same visibility.

Upgrade your SMM Panel now
1. API Update Interval

Describes how often we query your panel for updated changes. Higher subscription have faster update intervals. You however always have the option to manually renew your services once every 24 hours.

2. Automatically push to top

Our SMM Panel list is sorted based on the latest a Panel has been bumped. Subscribed panels automatically get a few bumps, either daily, 4 times a day or every hour. Learn more ...

3. Panel Uptime Monitoring

Monitoring the uptime and stability of your SMM Panel. Get reports and statistics about loading & response times using our own monitoring infrastructure. Learn more ...

4. Downtime & SSL Notifications

Attached to our Monitoring we also offer realtime downtime notifications as well as reminders and notifications if your SSL certificate is due to renew. Learn more ...

5. Custom description & favorites

Make your panel stand out by adding a custom description just for SMM Watch, define your keywords and more. You can also add optional favorite services to your panel listing to make some of your offers stand out more.

6. Featured Panels

These blocks show up in many places around the website and rotate randomly between currently featured panels (active featured or leader subscription level). This highly increases the visibility of your panel on SMMWatch. See the following example how it looks like

Featured SMM Panels
Crescitaly Icon
5 | 4885 Services
SMM Panel Since 2010 Icon
SMM Panel Since 2010
2 | 3911 Services
InstantLikes SMM Provider Icon
InstantLikes SMM Provider
8 | 1339 Services

See it in action here: Homepage, Search page, Panel pages, ...